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"We See Catholic Men, Linked as Brothers in Jesus Christ, and Called to Bring Him to Others!"

The Men’s Ministry of St Elizabeth Ann Seton is a weekly gathering of like minded Catholic Christian men who are actively searching a closer awareness of God’s love in their lives. Open to any and all Catholic men who are trying to enrich their spirituality and learning. Prayer, discussions, audiotapes, videotapes, prepared talks, general fellowship and sharing of our journeys through life. WARNING: It is addictive. You will get to know and make friends with other men in the church who will become brothers as Jesus himself intended. Come join us on Monday evenings at 7:30pm in the Administration Room. YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! For more information, please contact Fred Ford 954-752-0362.

Our Mission Statement
The Men’s Ministry of St Elizabeth Ann Seton is committed to gather as Catholic Christian men who serve and honor Jesus Christ through worship, prayer, education, and modeling family values through obedience to God’s Word; and by reflecting the life of Christ in our daily lives by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are dedicated to becoming more godly men and to support the mission of our church and pastor with our time and resources. We gather in Christ’s love and offer an environment of friendship, encouragement, confidentiality and support.

Please come and join us as all are welcome. We have had several guest speakers and discussed several topics relevant to the Catholic Faith in todays’ world. Some of the topics are listed below:

• Types of Prayer
• Books by Mathew Kelly , Scott Hahn
• “Why Catholic Series of teaching”
• Presentations by Deacon Mario
• Evangelism and Evangelistical events 
• Rosary
• Holy Trinity
• Video series on Paul/Saul
• Video series with Bishop  Fulton Sheen
• Purgatory, Hell and Heaven
• Resurrection
• Lectio Divina
• Plenary Indulgence
• Support of our brothers and their families.


Men’s Ministry Testimonials
“Men’s Ministry is an oasis for the Catholic men to learn how to pray, Increasing knowledge about your faith, keeping present, an awareness of God around you. And to bond with like minded grounded Catholic men. All men can share their hurts openly and receive prayer, hope, and support from their fellow men. All things shared remain confidential. In a world where despair and hurt exist, this ministry is true oasis for men.” ~ Joe Little

“A place to come and share in a common faith to learn and share in fellowship. To believe and help each other through the world of the flesh to the word of the spirit.”

“Faith – Fellowship - Fun. Men’s ministry is a weekly avenue for men of SEAS to come together in prayer, dialogue, teaching and brotherhood. It’s a unique ministry for men and all should join!!!!” ~Ralph Rodriguez-Torres

“The men’s ministry is a safe haven for men to discuss anything that is on their heart.”

“I have learned brotherhood thru the love of my fellow men. This ministry inspires me to be a better person and serve others.” ~ Pat Volpe

“Men’s ministry means Fellowship, friendship, love, charity, and prayer.”

“A time to pray, share, learn, laugh, cry and grow with my brothers.”

“This group has meant a lot to me. I feel grounded every time I come. It recharges my spirit. It’s very informative and I love that I learned so much from all the men. The men’s ministry was what exposed me to the Emmaus. And the lord was certainly at work there!” ~ Albert

A gathering of like minded Catholic men who are all in various stages of needed repair and while together, focus on the most important thing in life, God and faith in him. I feel like I am at least 80 degrees off course and I get right on track every Monday night.

“Fine fellowship, powerful prayer, confidentiality, deep concern for each other, chance to let go of your problems.”

“Monday night gives you a religious perspective for our daily challenges.”

“Powerful, enlightening, brotherhood, strength, understanding, faith, conversation, bible talk, encouragement, and most importantly, LOVE.”

“An opportunity to relight the fire sparked at the Emmaus retreat and find more about the church and how I can support the ministries of the parish.”

“Support for daily life challenges. Accountability to other men. Realizing that struggles are shared by all. We are not alone in our walk with Christ.”

“This ministry represents a safe haven. It’s a cherished ministry where I can come with my brothers and pray, laugh, weep, contemplate and mostly give thanks to God for this ministry.”

 “Over the years, I have been revived in the spirit when I come back to the Monday night meeting. Likewise, I have felt a sense of drifting when I’m absent.”

“What the men’s ministry means to me is sharing along with the reeducation of my faith, the ability to pray and increase my love for the Lord.”

“It gives me a sense of peace and tranquility. Also, I feel that whatever it is that we are talking about, it is what God wants to hear. I love coming to the meetings. “

“It has enriched my spiritual walk and challenged me to learn and look deeper into my faith.”

“I have benefitted from the example of and the fellowship with other men who have lead the way and also walked in my shoes.”

“Men’s ministry is cohesive and keeps me united to the Christian ways through the members. It is a good thing to be involved for the fellowship and prayer.”

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Contact Parish Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 954-753-3330

Contact Parish Office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 954-753-3330

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